Do you want to break down?

The last thing you’ll want on the Superhero Challenge is to break down in the middle of nowhere!

There’s quite a few checks you can do beforehand to minimise the likely-hood of your Superhero chariot becoming sick during the rally. Below is a list of problems we’ve seen over the years and how to reduce the chance you’ll experience the same.

  • In at number 1 is overheating. Although we’re not expecting record breaking temperatures, it is important that your car is ready for running for long periods of time and the extra strain of climbing mountains whilst carrying extra weight. Here’s some things to check before the start:
    1. Obvious one, but check your coolant level
    2. Check your oil condition and level and any major leaks
    3. Check for any leaks from the radiator
    4. Check for any leaking hoses
    5. Check for any general water leaks under the car
    6. Check that any cooling fans work (leaving the car idling for a while should get these to cut in)
    7. Check that the grilles and radiator aren’t blocked with leaves, twigs, wildlife, etc
  • Next we have tyres/wheels/bearings. You car may seem fine on the short trip to work or on a weekend test drive however, a 3 hour motorway run followed by mountains can really test rotational parts!
    1. Check the condition of your tyres, not just tread but check for cuts, bulges, cracking etc.
    2. Check you spare is OK and inflated along with having tools to change the wheel.
    3. Wheel bearing failure has happened on several rallies. If the MOT station advised there was play in a bearing, you should get it replaced beforehand. Finding replacements in France can be tricky if its not a Citroen, Renault or Peugeot
Wheel Bearing
Wheel Bearing trouble!
  • Brakes. This rally will be hard on your cars brakes, extra weight, long steep descents and lots or corners will make them work harder than you would think.
    1. Check you have enough brake pad material all round
    2. Check the condition of brake discs
    3. If driving an auto, make yourself familiar with how to engine brake using the manual selection of gears.
Brake Pads
Changing Brake Pads
  • Other problems:
    1. Electrical – make sure the battery is holding charge, you lights all work, your stereo functions (we had a car once where it would only play a CD that was stuck in it, Queens Greatest hits disc 2, on repeat for 5 days!) and most importantly your cigar lighter works to charge your phone!
    2. Air-con – if you are lucky enough to have it, does it work?
    3. Windscreen wipers – do they work, do they squeak, do they clear the windscreen?
    4. Fuel leaks – check for any, especially if the car is not used to being filled to the brim.
    5. Keys, bring the spare, don’t make it easy to lose or lock it in the boot
Battery trouble on the BSS Rally 2018
Does your radio work?

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