The Car-aoke Line-up…Part 1

It’s been great to see all the photos circulating of the entrant’s cars. Some really creative designs and clearly a lot of work’s gone into them!

Here’s a few of them so far:

First up it’s The Rolling Clones Team and their Audi A4. Craig from BSS will be joined by Andy & Alan from Geberit. I had thought it was diesel powered but judging by the below it runs on something much worse! Don’t get caught behind these guys on the road…

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-15 at 15.28.16.jpeg

Next we have the Mini from the Fake That Team. Driven by Merv & Simon from BSS with backing from Grundfos Lets hope we see this booty on the floor on the party night and that there more crowd jumpin’ and less tyre pumpin’ going on.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-14 at 17.14.59.jpeg

No comment…next


Now we have the Top Gun car from the guys at Wilo (Ian & Duncan) in The Rolling Clones Team. I’m looking forward to hearing their version of the Kenny Loggins classic “Danger Zone”


Next are Tony & Josie (Team Oasish) from BSS who will be attempting the challenge in 19-year-old London Taxi. I always do a quick check of the vehicles entering these type of events and was shocked to see that this particular London Taxi has travelled nearly 700k miles. An extra 2000 should be nothing for it!


More cars next week…

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