Furka Pass

We promised you some great roads and in the next few blogs, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best sections that we’ll be driving in just FOUR weeks time!

First up is the famous Furka Pass…why’s it famous you ask, well for one it makes the top ten driving roads in the world and it was in a Bond film!

Sean Connery drove this road in his DB5 whilst being chased by a Mustang in the film Goldfinger.


The pass reaches 2400m (nearly 8000 feet) and starts with a couple of tight switchbacks, but then cuts a long sweeping path along the rock-face of the valley for around 5 to 6 KM. Visibility forward is fantastic, roads surface immaculate, so it’s a road that you really can “drive” and really puts a big smile on your face. At the end of this initial stretch, you then turn back on yourself, the Furka Pass then gets steeper, with a series of great switchbacks (watch out for falling rocks here) up until you reach the Hotel Belvedere. Once there you just have to stop and visit the Rhone Glacier…oh, and it can be a bit chilly up there!


The run down the Furka Pass is not quite as exciting as the road narrows and can be quiet steep in places, but does give great views all the way none the less. Once at the bottom of the Furka Pass, there is a 4-6KM stretch of road, arrow straight, running parallel to the railway line.  All in all this is a stunning pass, with an amazing combination on of sweepers, tight switchbacks, dramatic views and a great straight at the end.




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