What’s that? Camping you say!

Part of the Car-aoke Challenge is that for two nights we will be pitching our tents and sharing an evening around the BBQ.

Talking of BBQ’s, we are lucky enough to have two of the best BBQ chefs along with us for this trip. Andy Ray (TP Transport) and Steve Hurst (Stanley Black & Decker) are regulars on the Keyline Rally and very kindly offered to give up their time and support BSS & Mind. If you have any special requests for food please let them know at the start line otherwise expect a feast of Steak, Burgers, Sausages, Pork, Chicken and a range of fantastic homemade sauces. All washed down by a supply of beers, wine and soft drinks.

Right, back to the camping.


If you are a virgin camper or have not camped in France/Switzerland before then here’s what you can expect:

Pitches – we could be allocated individually numbered pitches or because we are a large group they will provide us with a large area to use. Someone from my team will be there to direct you when you arrive.

Facilities – These can be a little basic but you will get a hot shower. Remember to take your own towel and a loo roll is also advisable as these are not always supplied! You may also want to take a pair of “shower flops”.

Whilst we are talking about things to remember, here’s a short list that you may find helpful:


After the BBQ we will hold a short drivers briefing ahead of the next days driving We will let you know what time we think you should be on the road, some of the highlights of the next day’s route and arrangement when you arrive at your next destination.

After the BBQ at the last campsite (Saturday night), we will also be announcing the winning team and awarding a number of prizes!

Happy Tenting!





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