8 weeks and counting

In a little over 8 weeks, we will be on our way, heading for the open roads of France, the mountain passes in Switzerland and of course our destination, Lake Como in Italy. Our 5-day adventure will include all types of roads, some motorway (a little as possible), sweeping country roads in France, stunning mountain roads in Switzerland (hope you all have a head for heights) and lakeside roads in Italy.

Over the next few weeks, we will be blogging on what is essential to know for a successful and enjoyable rally; preparing to camp, checking your car, what not to forget and how to order breakfast from a cute little boulangerie.

One of the most important things that any good rally-goer needs is a good map.

NOT one read out to you by your friend so good that you named him twice (TomTom for those that didn’t get it) but an actual, old school, paper map. One of those things that were used to get around back in the prehistoric days of olde, as in before 2006.

A word of warning to those with a penchant for breaking the rules and enjoy having electrical assistance, you would be likely to miss out on some great driving and wonderful sights if you were to blindly follow the commands of your digital ‘map-reader’. Plus there would be many many penalty points involved!

It really would be in your interest to unplug and enjoy the journey.

When putting the route together the Phillips map has been our friend, our confidante, our rock. If you need to buy a map, buy this one:

Philips Map

Until next time.


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