This is the year, the year of the Car-aoke Challenge

Happy new year everyone, we hope that you had a great time over the Christmas break and are now looking forward to the adventure of a lifetime on the first ever BSS charity motoring challenge, the Car-aoke Challenge supporting Mind, the mental health charity.

It is going to be quite a year for BSS and Mind, with this event set to raise a huge amount of money for Mind, targeting a not insignificant sum of £100,000.

Between now and then, there is much to do, many cars to be prepared and many funds to be raised.

On that subject, a quick reminder. We ask that each of the cars entered raises £1000 for Mind, their commitment to the challenge. Most people do this using sites like Virgin Money Giving and JustGiving, if you do, please can you let us know your page, add yourself to the BSS Car-aoke team and then it makes it a whole lot easier to track the total raised by you all and see the difference that we make to the charity.

On the subject of cars, a subject close to my heart and too close to my wallet for my wife’s liking.

Many people will be looking to find a car that fits the £1500 budget for the event, which brings up my very favourite pastime, searching well known used car advertising websites and the king of them all, a well known auction site that sounds like Tebay without the T.

A little reminder, participants that bring cars under the £1500 vehicle budget are furnished with massive respect and many points for the challenges. Those that blow the budget and travel in air-conditioned luxury will be subjected to some ridicule and will be docked points in the challenges. That shonky old Ford would look so much better basking in the glory of winning than any nearly new BMW would.

Here is a little something to inspire, dip your toe into the world of cheap motoring and embrace the jeopardy and euphoria that comes with using a car with questionable ability to do the journey and actually making it to the Italian Lakes and back:

‘classic’ Japanese motoring

You know the cute little Fiat 500 in dealerships…

Not a classic British sports car

The best things come in small packages apparently

A shame this wasn’t ever a genuine UK car

‘Wind in your hair’ motoring, German style

The ultimate driving machine?

More German engineering that isn’t a Berlin taxi

If you haven’t yet signed up to the BSS Car-aoke Challenge or still want to know more about then please have a look at the BSS Car-aoke Challenge Invite Pack and the sign up form. If you want to enter but haven’t got a car or co-driver yet, just put TBC in the relevant boxes and we can complete them at a later date.


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