We’re really pleased to announce the launch of the inaugural BSS Challenge: The Car-aoke Challenge

In short, this event is about taking a group of old, cheap cars across Europe. Heading for the shores of Lake Como via France and Switzerland before returning to the UK, all this in just 5 days, breakdowns permitting of course…

Yes, there is a lot of driving (400 miles/10-12 hours a day) but there will also be a lot of fun!

Split into 5 teams, there will be challenges to complete & points to be won, with the winning team having the honour of being the first ever winner of the BSS Challenge.

Without the use of electronic aids (Sat Nav), you will navigate a pre-determined route taking in scenic roads or rural France, mountains & tunnels in Switzerland before the descent to Lake Como in Italy.

Hotels & campsite fees (bring your own tent & sleeping bag) and most meals are provided in the entry fee, along with 3 support vehicles to help you all complete this most arduous of journeys.

Now for the important bits that you all really need to know:

The date: Wednesday 5th September 2018 out of BOSS Court, returning on Sunday 9th

The theme: As the name suggests…Car-aoke…dress yourselves and your car as you favourite musical act and sing your way to Italy!

The destination: Lake Como, Italy

If you want to be part of the BSS Car-aoke Challenge then put the dates in your diary and click here to complete the entry form and we will see you very soon.

See the full invite pack for more information or get in touch with Steve Riggens on steve@sgrmarketing.co.uk


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